Who We Are

Save a Life Cancer Awareness And Support Network is registered with CAC. We are aware of the issues women with cancer face, as such we aim to create massive awareness on the signs and symptoms of breast and cervical cancer to women. We work with other cancer survivors in order to support women with cancer and share experience with women newly diagnosed with cancer.

Our team consists of healthcare professionals, cancer survivors, trustees, advisers and volunteers who are passionate about changingthe statistic of cancer mortality rate in Nigeria. This team is driven by an intense passion to see that women are aware of the disease as EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES.

Our Mission

To help prevent and detect cancer, provide care and support for cancer patients through creating awareness, research and providing support services.

Our Vision

To create a community where the ignorance of cancer is eliminated and drastically reduce the mortality rate of cancer in our women.

Aims and Objectives

To enlighten the causes of cancer, preventive measures, available treatment options and support to cancer patients.

1- To sensitize and educate the rural communities about the importance of early detection of both breast and cervical cancer.

2- Educate women on the importance of self-breast examination.

3- Advocate to government agencies on behalf of women so that cost of cancer treatment can be reduced.

4- Develop programs and services that would address the needs of cancer patients.

5- Empower cancer survivors by teaching them the necessary skills to have a better life.

6- Provide free/affordable screening to women.

7-To provide palliative care to cancer patients

8-To help reduce the mortality rate of cancer patients

9- Discredit the stigma and myth associated with cancer in the rural areas due to misinformation.

Our Values

Our values and attitude guide how we treat women with cancer and how we work as a team to achieve our goals and objection and in the long run our vision. We do this by living the following values:

Comfort: We provide support, understanding, and care to women in other to make the journey easier for them especially those in the rural areas.

Inclusivity: We honor and embrace diversity from different women in our community.

Empowerment: We help in empowering poor women who are cancer survivors in other to let them know that there is life after cancer after all.

Integrity: We are open, honest, trustworthy and ethical in our interaction with our sponsors, partners, and supporters.

Innovation: We are constantly trying to innovate new ways of creating awareness in other to make our women understand its importance.

Teamwork: We are passionate about what we do and strive to achieve our goals together as a team.

Personalized: We tailor everything to meet the needs of each individual

Vibrancy: We are positive, fun loving and dynamic