Fund a Breast Cancer Clinic

One of our most important aims is to eventually establish a breast cancer clinic in our community. We do not have such a center here in Kano which is the most populated state in northern Nigeria. A cancer clinic is of utmost importance in other to increase the quality of care provided to cancer patients.

This is a big project that requires funding from all aspect of our community not only do we solicit funds from individuals and organization but also Government intervention is needed as well.

Donating any one of these below or funding would go a long way in making sure this facility is up and running for the benefit of our women and the nation at large.

  1. Acquiring a land for building the clinic
  2. Cost of building materials
  3. Mammography machine
  4. Radiotherapy machine
  5. Biopsy equipment
  6. Chemotherapy beds and iv stands
  7. Furnishing the clinic

The need to establish this clinic cannot be overemphasized as more women are being diagnosed with breast cancer every day. Most women due to lack of these services resort to other means of treatment.