About The Founder

Hauwa Kakudi

Hauwa Kakudi


Hauwa Kakudi studied economics as her first degree at Bayero University Kano. She went on to obtain her master degree in Banking and finance. She started her career with Nigerian hospitality and tourism studies (NIHOTOURS) after which she crossed over to the banking sector. She started her banking career with first bank Nig PLC, then went to Citizens Bank now heritage bank, from then she went to Guaranty Trust bank where she currently works.

She is a seasoned banker with over 15years of experience. She currently is a wife and a mother of 4 beautiful Daughters. She founded SALCASUN as a result of her breast cancer diagnosis in 2016 which she has survived.

She was diagnosed over 2 years ago and has undergone her treatment but is still undergoing follow-ups. When she was first diagnosed with breast cancer which was at its early stage, she was shocked, then confused, it was a huge blow to her and her family and she wondered what went wrong.

She did not know what to do or where to start from but with the support of GOD, family and friends, she went through the rudiments of treatments. It was not an easy journey but she came out stronger on the other side. However, the reality of cancer is that it can happen to anyone. She had to face the rigors of the realities of this deadly disease but happy to still be here today according to her.

How It Started

While in the hospital dealing with the experience, she said she became acutely aware of the lack of information available to patients, she also met women with breasts, cervical and ovarian cancer who are at an advanced stage, but discussion with them of their plight revealed that if they had gotten proper awareness, it would have been detected on time and treated.

She has experienced firsthand the difficulties women with cancer go through during and after treatment as such decided with other partners to fund this initiative.

She was lucky to have family rally around her for support both physically, emotionally and financially but not many women are that lucky. She realized along the course of her journey that not only will early detection help the chances of survival, According to her, lack of funds for treatment is also one of the major problems for women as such are not able to go to hospital for regular checkups and those diagnosed with the ailment are not also able to afford treatment due to the cost of drugs.

As a result of all these she decided to commit herself to the cause as a strong advocate for cancer prevention in her community and its environs hence decided to set up an NGO named SAVE A LIFE CANCER AWARENESS AND SUPPORT NETWORK…. With other partners. Their vision is to strive to bring these basic health care needs to the people of the community by organizing awareness campaigns

It has been a very tough journey and one of the most important things she learnt was that her breast cancer was discovered early enough to make the treatment a success because she went to the hospital early enough as soon as she noticed the symptoms. It was an experience that one cannot forget as such she decided to share her story and encourage women to adopt the preventive strategy.

Globally, breast and cervical cancer are among the second leading causes of high mortality rate in women worldwide, with approximately 14 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer-related deaths in 2012. The number of new cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 2 decades (WHO, 2016).