Who We Are

SALCASUN is a nonprofit and non-governmental organization which focuses on women with different type of cancer e.g breast, ovarian and cervical cancer. We create awareness and free screening for poor women in both rural and urban community.

We aim to drastically reduce the ignorance of cancer in the society and support women to come out and open up about their condition. Through this medium, we would be able to help women diagnose cancer early as early detection and treatment can reduce the mortality rate of cancer in women.

We seek to have a major impact on the cancer victims in our community.
We never stop seeking to create awareness on the importance of early detection of cancer and are willing to go miles and miles to achieve breakthrough results…read more

Sa – Save a

L – Life

C – Cancer

A – Awareness

SU – Support

N – Network

What We Do

Cancer awareness

Lack of cancer awareness or ignorance of the disease kills women everyday

Patient Navigation

Through our Patient navigation program, we provide assistance to patients with healthcare barriers

Palliative care

We partner with clinics and hospitals to make sure palliative care is being provided for those in need.

Support Group

We have a support group where those newly diagnosed with cancer and survivors meet share and exchange experience

What You Can Do

Adopt a cancer patient

By adopting a cancer patient we take responsibility of women who are in dire need but lack the means of treatment

Fund a mobile clinic

With mobile mammography, we would breach the barrier of distance and reach women far and wide especially those in the rural areas

Empower a cancer survivor

Through our partners, we train cancer survivors in different vocational skills and provide them with the means to go about their normal lives

Tell your story

Empower others by sharing your story; struggles and challenges with cancer and how you overcome it.
There are many ways you can donate to our cause. You can donate your time, skill, money or your support.

Survivor Stories

Ladi Mamman

Ladi Mamman

Breast Cancer survivor

In December 2015 the doctors found a lump in her and a week later it was confirmed as breast cancer.I underwent five(5) surgeries…read more

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